Alabama Senators with “Servants Hearts”

Sen. Bryan Taylor (R-Pratville) and Sen. Phil Williams (R-Rainbow City)  of Alabama are making headlines with their decision to try and reverse the self-imposed 61 percent pay raise that the democrats gave to themselves in 2007.  These two senators are working to restore the trust of the people in a time when our trust in politicians is at its lowest.  70% of American’s, according to a Rasmussen poll, “view Congress’ job performance as poor, just a point lower than the highest level ever measured”.

We want to applaud these two Senators and say “Job well done”!  We MUST ALL fight to restore the trust in our elected officials, otherwise, America will no longer be the “Land of the free and home of the brave”, we will be a communist nation. There will no longer be an “American Dream” like our cab drivers in DC came to America to achieve.  We will no longer be EXCEPTIONAL….we will be  EUROPE.

We encourage all of you who will read our blog to get involved with your local, state and national governments.  It only takes one person to make a difference.  Let your voice be heard!



After our first trip to CPAC 2012 we decided to come home and start a blog.  What an exciting adventure for three southern sisters.  All the way home from the airport we talked about what we would blog about and what we could call our blog, needless to say, MooseDropping was the winner; and for obvious reasons!

There were several exciting things that happened on our trip and we met some very interesting people during our stay in the Capital City.  The first we want to blog about was our cab drivers, what wonderful and interesting people they were. People that have come to America seeking the American Dream and certain that they are going to find it.  They believe that America is a wonderful, FREE country. We surely wish they could have known America before 9/11, but even with all of our new Homeland Security policies(i.e., airport security checks, Patriot Act, etc.) our America, from their perspective, is the “greatest country in the world”.  WOW!  What insight an outsider can give! So, we would like to give a “shout-out” to our last cab-driver, Tefara, a fellow Christian from Ethiopia who won the “lottery” to get to come to America.  We were so happy to learn that we will see him again in Heaven and get to ask him what all he got to accomplish in America.

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